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The break of day website and business is going through some changes. We, Hazel and Adrian Rayfield are still here and available to our web design and development clients.

Current Web Clients

If you are one of our clients and would like your website content, design or graphics updated, refreshed and / or need help as normal with any web and /or social media matter please contact us as usual.

A New Direction

Hazel and Adrian Rayfield

As with all business we are evolving and currently looking at how we want to develop, we are changing and have new and innovative ideas for how we want to move forward.

Hazel Rayfield

A web developer and design for over 14 years, I have seen many changes to the way we use our computers and the internet. The web has, and is developing all the time with new and exciting developments online everyday.

As well as our web business I am an Artist. I paint in hot wax, sometimes referred to as Encaustic art. I have been painting in different forms for many years and since 2011 have been showing and selling my Encaustic paintings online via my website

I am also an avid blogger and my Artist blog has many posts and comments about Art In Wax.

Adrian Rayfield

Adrian is also a web developer and has been creating websites since 1999 and has a wealth of experience having been the founder and manager of online web testing organisation Independant Testers.

Adrian is very creative, creating very detailed web graphics which can be seen through his blogs. Adrian a professional decorator for 20 years is also an avid blogger, Adrian has three blogs which he has written over 100 articles and guides on decorating, DIY and home improvement topics.

Latest Projects

May 2015 sees Breakofday working on a website update and regeneration for Damore Care, a new client in the care sector.

Social Networking

We are all over the place online : You can find Hazel on twitter @HazelRayfield as Art In Wax on Facebook and Hazel Rayfield Google Plus.

Adrian can be found on Twitter @propertydecor and Facebook Improving Your Property on LinkedIn Adrian Rayfield and YouTube Property Decorating's Channel

Contact us

For more information please contact us via our online form.


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